Effective Business Negotiations

Your video tutorial consists of 2 parts and will help you to familiarize yourself with the EnGarde philosophy and the system of the 5 Chrono Phases before (or after) the training. And – it already provides you with valuable tips for your practice.

Part 1: A matter of attitude:

You don’t have to accept everything someone else says or writes. The following behaviors will improve your negotiation situation:

  • Ask: If something irritates you or seems unacceptable, speak up.
  • No! say: set limits. And if you are not sure, give yourself time to think about it.
  • “Why not?”: Asking doesn’t cost anything…
  • High expectations point to a better result and fuel optimism.
  • Self-confidence strengthens your negotiating position
  • Flexibility through plan and structure

Part 2: Five steps to success:
Never start an important negotiation without being optimally prepared. You can’t make a meaningful proposal without clarifying what interests both parties. In this article you will learn how to interpret the behavior of your counterpart and control the outcome of a negotiation.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the preparation for the training “Effective Business Negotiations”.

With this tutorial you gain time to concentrate fully on your practical cases during the training. The EnGarde team looks forward to seeing you personally in the training.

See you soon at the seminar!

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